by Jerry Mander

The Capitalism Papers

Published Date : July 10, 2012


: 6.2 x 9.3 x 1
: English
: 9781582437170, 9781619020887


In the vein of his bestseller, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, nationally recognized social critic Jerry Mander researches, discusses, and exposes the momentous and unsolvable environmental and social problems of capitalism.

Mander argues that capitalism is no longer a viable system: “What may have worked in 1900 is calamitous in 2010.” Capitalism, utterly dependent on never-ending economic growth, is an impossible absurdity on a finite planet with limited resources. Climate change, together with global food, water, and resource shortages, is only the start.

Mander draws attention to capitalism’s obsessive need to dominate and undermine democracy, as well as to diminish social and economic equity. Designed to operate free of morality, the system promotes permanent war as a key economic strategy. Worst of all, the problems of capitalism are intrinsic to the form. Many organizations are already anticipating the breakdown of the system and are working to define new hierarchies of democratic values that respect the carrying capacities of the planet.

About the Author

Called the the patriarch of the anti-Globalization movement by The New York Times, JERRY MANDER was Founder and is a Distinguished Fellow of the International Forum on Globalization. He also spent 15 years in the advertising business as president of Freeman, Mander & Gossage, including producing the famous Sierra Club campaigns of the 1960s that saved the Grand Canyon. He has BS and MS degrees in international economics, and he lives in Northern California.


Praise for In the Absence of the Sacred

“Urging that we come to a fuller understanding of the perils of technology, Mander examines the sociopolitical ramifications of innovations, focusing on the resistance of native peoples. A lively and provocative argument.” —Publishers Weekly

“Mander’s book is an angry protest against the uncritical adoption of technology, the expansion of capitalism, and the centralization of political power. He warns that these trends will lead to a New World Order dominated by multinational corporations, resulting in devastation of the Earth’s natural environment and native cultures . . . Mander, a former advertising executive, writes in compact, persuasive prose.” —Library Journal

“A heartfelt plea to rethink the industrial world’s alleged headlong rush to oblivion through its mad pursuit of technology. Mander, who conducts ad campaigns for nonprofit groups, expands greatly here on ideas he discussed in Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television (1978) . . . Wide-ranging and impassioned—an important reminder as the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s ‘discovery’ approaches that native traditions still live, and that they may be the last defense against rampant corporate greed.” —Kirkus

Praise for The Case Against the Global Economy

“An important, vital resource for planetary stewardship.” —Publishers Weekly

“This is a benchmark publication and a much needed addition to the ongoing national debate of America’s proper developmental role and economic relation to other countries.” —Midwest Book Review

Praise for Jerry Mander

“The patriarch of the anti-globalization movement.” —Andrew Revkin, The New York Times

“The Ralph Nader of advertising.” —The Wall Street Journal

Named among the “100 great visionaries” by Resurgence magazine and Utne Reader

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